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My name is Dorinda Smith, MS, FNP
The Autoimmune Geek
I’m that Autoimmune Disease Research Scientist who wound up getting her own set of autoimmune diseases... 7 of them!  I was disabled for many years, but then I learned how to heal using the latest science!  
I'm a dynamic and passionate speaker, and if you would like to interview me on your podcast, I promise to not hold anything back, and provide the most value possible to your listeners. 
 Let’s change more lives and stop needless suffering together!
I look forward to speaking with you very soon, because I already know you are awesome, and I’d love to share my story with your listeners! 
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Why You Should Interview Me
 A Little of My Story
I suffered with Fibromyalgia, Scleroderma, and 6 other autoimmune diseases for nearly 15 years, when I learned the latest cutting-edge science found in Functional Medicine.  

Once I healed, I created the top Missions-Based Functional Practice in the Health & Wellness space, with the most affordable comprehensive functional reversal program available.
My Best Program
Total Health Now is the most scientifically comprehensive and personalized reversal program available.

I've been in your listener's shoes... I "Get Them".  
I teach the science of healing with love and compassion.

Moreover, our program is the most affordable available in our space, 
since we are a missions-based organization.

Finally, Real Hope and Relief!
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